Every month, on the Monday before your Drop, we collect information from all of our participating breweries so we know the freshest and newest beers available for the Month.

Later in the evening, around 6pm EST, we put together the perfect Drop just for you based on the flavor preferences you have set on your profile and send you an email letting you know what has been selected for your shipment.

At this point our Plus and Ultimate level members have the opportunity to add or swap any beers on their preview. All members also have the opportunity to take advantage of our flat $5 shipping and add additional beers to their Drop that may interest them.

We know 24 hours is a fairly short period. After all we're all busy right? The reason for the quick turnaround is that we don't like to warehouse beer to keep it as fresh as possible. It's important we let you know what is coming and then get the customized orders finalized so that the beer can be delivered, packed, and shipped to you.

Learn how to modify the beers in your Drop preview

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