You'll definitely want to reach out to the carrier regarding any tracking or delivery details. Once they pick up from our shipyard, they will have more of an idea about any delays that may happen.

If they can't give you an answer and it hasn't updated in about 5 business days, please let us know by reaching out via email. and we'll help you get this taken care of.

Orders shipping through WSE will take longer to update tracking. These orders are picked up from us and sent directly to one of three of their regional distribution hubs which can take 7-10 days after the order has been packed and picked up from us.

**Our customer service hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and our response time is within 24 business hours.

We work on a first in, first out system and will respond to customers waiting the longest first. Please avoid submitting repeat requests as this does not speed up our response.

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