GSO/GLS covers delivery for the Western area of the country (CA, NM, NV, ID, AZ, OR, & WA). Your order is picked up from us and sent to the regional distribution center for WSE.

Once this hits GSO/GLS, orders do tend to go out for delivery a day or two after.

We recommend checking on your tracking directly through the carrier's website using your tracking number for a more detailed view. GSO/GLS does offer you to create an account with them to get advanced tracking information.

The carrier will attempt delivery three times before returning this to their Depot Center. If we can catch the order before they return it to us, we can set up another delivery for a fee.

Once this is returned to us we can process a reorder for a $20 handling fee or deduct $20 from your full refund.

*We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

** Contact information**


Phone: 1-800-322-5555 option 1

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