With WSE orders, the tracking does take a bit longer to update. All orders are sent to one of three regional distribution hubs (New York, Missouri, or California), scanned in, and then assigned a carrier based on location. This can take 7-10 business days from leaving our warehouse to get to them. Shipping times are longer but there is less likely to be a damage to your order, and WSE does transport orders in a temperature controlled vehicle. *This is not guaranteed to be the case once they assign a carrier and this is out for delivery to you.

The carrier will attempt delivery three times before returning this to their Depot Center. If we can catch the order before they return it to us, we can set up another delivery for a fee.

Once this is returned to us we can process a reorder for a $20 handling fee or deduct $20 from your full refund.

*We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

Carrier list for WSE:

-UDS -Deliver It -GSO/GLS

-LSO -Sonic

-Priority -CDL

-Gio Express -Pro Med

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