The pre-order beer feature is a great way to secure beer for an upcoming Beer Drop! Beer Drop's selection changes on the daily, so with this new feature, you can guarantee that you receive your preferred beers.

To pre-order beer, you can either select View Drop and Add Beer as a pre-order:

Or you may browse and add beers that have the Add to Drop label:

Once a beer has been added to your drop as a pre-order, your credit card or gift card will be charged immediately, reserving that beer for you. The remaining balance is due at the time the Beer Drop order is processed (Tuesdays at 8pm EST). Your membership price remains the same. Additional charges may be applied if you add an additional quantity (beyond the membership quantity of ten) or if you add beer of a higher value, in which case you will see an upgrade charge. You will receive a confirmation, once a beer has been successfully added as a pre-order:

And once you receive your initial Beer Drop order e-mail, your pre-ordered beers will be included along with beer that we recommend based on your beer preferences to fulfill the remaining quantity. At this point, you can still skip or push your order.

For example!

Let's say you are enrolled as a Beer Drop Plus member ($49.99/mo).

You are interested in a new release beer today valued at $14.99/2 pack.

You can pre-order it and be immediately charged $14.99+tax

A few weeks later, you will receive your regular Monday order email showing 4 new beers, along with the one you selected!

Tuesday evening, you are charged $42.80 (($49.99+tax+shipping)-($14.99+tax)).

If you have any additional requestions regarding pre-ordering, please reach out to us at

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