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Why do I only have 24 hours to make changes?

All year long, we collect information from our participating breweries and suppliers, so we source the freshest and newest beers available. As such, our available inventory constantly changes, and is often extremely limited. When we put together the perfect Drop just for you - based on the flavor preferences you hav…

Will I be charged extra for swapping beers?

Beer Drop makes beer from all membership levels available to swap into your shipment. If you remove a beer and replace it with a beer that is the same price, there will be no additional cost to your Drop. If a more expensive product is selected as a replacement, the difference between the price of the beer removed an…

How do you choose which beers are recommended?

Each week we scour the beer scene for the very best beers available and we load them onto the website. A patented algorithm that picks out the highest rated beers that you haven’t had before, matched to your taste profile, selects the perfect mix just for you. To [make adjustments][1] to your Drop you can used the li…

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