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Can I choose the beers for each Beer Drop myself?

We’ll always give you recommendations for the beers we think you’ll like the best. If you are a Plus or Ultimate level Beer Drop member you can go into your account and swap to your heart’s desire once the recommendations are set. Add as many beers as you’d like from our ever changing list of available beers. Beer Dr…

How can I add/modify beers in my Drop?

Once you've received your preview email, you can log into your account and add or change the beers in your Drop. _Changes to your Drop can not be made until the preview has been sent._ This is due to rapidly changing beer availability, we'll send your email the second our breweries have let us know what is available f…

How do you choose which beers are recommended?

Each week we scour the beer scene for the very best beers available and we load them onto the website. A patented algorithm that picks out the highest rated beers that you haven’t had before, matched to your taste profile, selects the perfect mix just for you. To [make adjustments][1] to your Drop you can used the li…

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