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How do I redeem my gift card and get started?
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Beer Drop is primarily a Monthly Craft Beer subscription service. Your gift card regardless of dollar amount, can be applied to subscriptions of any tier, or length, and even one-off orders if you prefer. Your subscription is a recurring membership until cancelled by you. If you received an e-gift card, you can follow the link provided in the email to get started. If this is a physical gift card, you can go to our main website page  or go directly to our sign up page.




After starting the sign up process, you will be able to choose your flavor preferences. This will determine the beers recommended to you. Please note that the Top Pick and Fruity options do cover all beer styles and may include the unusual and exotic! You can click on any style to see what would be included in that category.
Occasionally, a style you’ve selected may not be available, and we’ll automatically recommend a Top Pick, but you’re always welcome to swap into any beer of your





You then choose your plan. This automatically defaults to the most popular tier. Pick which one you like!



Next, create an account. Fill in the account information OR use the Facebook or Google Login. Using the Google or Facebook login options will use the email
address linked to that particular service. This will not prompt you to create a password, so make sure you have access to that email.


You'll then add your shipping address. We require a reliable day time address as there must be an adult (21+) present with ID to accept and sign for this delivery.
There are options to create a free account on various carrier’s websites to schedule a pick up if needed after your Drop has shipped.


We also recommend that you opt in for text notifications so you never miss a preview and can keep up with your order's tracking status.





We have an extremely flexible membership and require an active credit card, from all members to cover balances once the gift card is fully utilized.


If you don't wish to be a member, no problem. You can browse our selection, fill your cart, and checkout using the gift card code you received.


Make sure to enter your gift card code here so it's attached to your account.



That's it! We'll recommend beers to you the Monday after sign up. You'll have 24 hours to add or make changes (if applicable) before we automatically process your order.


**Our customer service hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST and our response time is within 24 business hours.


We work on a first in, first out system and will respond to customers waiting the longest first. Please avoid submitting repeat requests.

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