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When will my Beer Drop be shipped?
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The estimated shipping date along with tracking information can be found on the Beer Tracker on your account page.*


The shipping date listed is the estimated ship by date unless there was an issue with your order. Regional carriers may take up to an additional 3 business days to provide tracking information. Contact [email protected] if for some reason your order does not have a tracking link more than 3 business days after your scheduled ship date.


Deliveries typically arrive between 10-15 business day  after an order has been processed, however depending on the state we ship to, some carriers are quicker than others.


*The shipping date does not represent when the package will arrive at your Door. For estimated arrival date please see your tracking info.


**Our customer service hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST and our response time is within 24 business hours.


We work on a first in, first out system and will respond to customers waiting the longest first. Please avoid submitting repeat requests as this does not speed up our response.

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